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The technology development landscape is unable to meet the challenging demands of enterprise clients. With shifts is user preference and the advent of smartphones and tablets, the world has seen a rapid evolution in the way the Internet is accessed and used. O Clock Software was set up to meet these demands with help of skilled offshore proficiencies, genuine customer empathy, and exceptional experience gathered by the leadership team.

O Clock Software's USP

We are well suited to provide cutting edge solutions in the field of website design, development, e-commerce development, open source customization, app development, and Internet Marketing services. The below factors provide the reasons why O Clock is your preferred tech outsourcing partner to help you grow your business beyond your aspirations-

Rich Experience

The top leadership has hands-on experience of working in different capacities in both technology as well as business administration. This rich experience is percolated down the entire team. The application solutions developed by us support this valuable factor working in favor of O Clock software

Customer centric

Be it aesthetic website design, high performance web development, secure e-commerce development, creative app development, open source customization, or SEO oriented Internet Marketing services, we start off with a common factor - Listening to the customer. We strongly believe that our projects are successful only when our solutions resolves a business problem or need for our clients. And this can happen only when we invest time and efforts understanding our client problems and then devising a solutions to resolve the same.



Irrespective of the scale and complexity of the project, O Clock has the proven track record of a faster time to market as compared to most of its competitors


We have kept the best for the last! Our key value proposition is the high quality of the web and app solution we offer to our clients. We follow agile development process, use industry endorsed best practices in development and testing, and carry out meticulous multi-level testing for each and every project. As a result, the solution finally delivered to the client is free from bugs and issues, and hence starts delivering expected outcomes from day one of release.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We aim to be the first choice of technology solutions provider to clients across the globe.

Our Mission

In order to fulfill our vision, we will aim to

  • Build a world class team of professionals because we believe that our offshore tech solutions are only as good as the people behind it.
  • Provide a competitive advantage to our clients with help of robust, scalable and future ready technology solutions
  • We will ensure an honest, transparent and fair relationship with both-our internal stakeholders (employees, business partners) as well as our external stakeholders (our clients and business prospects)

Choose O Clock Software if you want to know how you can increase your lifetime value. Our solutions in website design, development, e-commerce development, open source customization, app development, and Internet Marketing services will provide you with the much needed business edge in terms of low costs and maximum RoI.