React Native Application Development

July - 14

React is a front-end framework that is the most popular and used by many companies. O Clock Software has extensive knowledge in working with React applications. We guarantee experience and expertise by implementing and maintaining multiple projects built on React.

Custom Development

O Clock Software delivers dynamic user interfaces with stable and scalable solutions. We develop applications from the scratch. Our technical team is hand-picked to ensure high-quality deliverables.

Maintenance and Support

We assist the applications that are built by other teams for any support or upgrade. Our team is highly skilled to manage any applications at any stage of development.


React Migration and upgrade

Migrating to React has never been a big task for us. We support applications that required migration to new technologies which are done seamlessly and professionally to match the expectations of the clients.

React and Backend Technologies

React is a great frontend tool. This requires backend support to function more efficiently. We have experience handling various backend technologies combined with React.

React and Node.js – Node.js is a great tool for building fast backends for frontends.

React and PHP (Symfony or Laravel) – We have used modern frameworks like Symfony or Laravel to build backends to work more efficiently.

React and Drupal – Drupal applications built by us are more and we have great knowledge in integrating it with React.

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